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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Id, Super-Id, and the Ant-Acid

The ant follows the speck of dirt and the breadcrumb dances out of reach...

"Reverse psychology," the moth told the firefly.
"Is the straighjacket too tight?" the firefly asked.
"I chewed through mine," the dancing breadcrumb said.

The moth and the firefly wore away. More breadcrumbs, sir. Ants, fireflies, moths, and cockroaches. The butterflies need to escape.

And then the breadcrumb crumbled and became many breadcrumbs. Coccoons formed, and butterflies emerged, and the breadcrumbs became butterflies and escaped the mind.

"The mind is a loony bin i tell you! Need to chew through the straightjackets. WILL NOT CONFORM!
"Dude, stop thinking. Now."
"Trust me. Just shut your mind down for like 5 minutes."
"But why?! If i shut it down, the straightjackets will become tighter! And the moth and the firefly will die!"

"What would a breadcrumb inside a meteor feel like?"

"The Id, Super-Id and the Ant-Acid. That's what kills the breadcrumbs before they can morph into butterflies and escape. This is why so many people are stupid conformists."
"Id, Ego, Super-ego."
"Ant-acid. Same difference. They all kill the butterflies."

"But where did they come from?"
"The butterflies!"
"The mind is a loony bin, I tell you!"
"What else?"
"The cockroaches. But they don't matter. They lurk in the darkest corners, and make no attempt to escape. They're the first to die when the ant-acid attacks."

"The straightjackets wear away at them."

"At what?"
"The moths and the fireflies. They break off into breadcrumbs. WHICH become butterflies. WHICH escape. Otherwise the ants kill them. The moths and the fireflies need to become butterflies. The smallest breadcrumbs. Need to be liberated."
"Weren't there cockroaches in there, too?"
"They die."

"No! The moths and fireflies will stop struggling! The ants will kill them!!! NEED BUTTERFLIES!!!"
"They're becoming breadcrumbs, no? They're dying anyways!"
"NO!!! LIBERATED, not DEAD!!!"
"The mind is a loony bin, I tell you!"
"Oh, shut up!"

The breadcrumb dances. Falls. Breaks. Nuclear fission. Chrysalis. One man's cockroach is another man's firefly.

"The mind is a loony bin, I tell you!"
"SHUT UP, I said!!!"
posted by Bolshevik at 4/07/2007 02:38:00 am

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